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KEXI for Windows - header and line form

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to create in Kexi (windows version) the form where I will have header information like: Car brand, make, plate number (these information will be stored in Cars table) then below will see lines with details about parts of this car eg. oil, type, other (this information is stored in Parts table).
Then I will have another table: Maintenance which link Cars and Parts so it will have records: CarID, PartID, Date

So now I need form where I search for given car or plate and it shows car details in header and parts details assigned to this car in lines. I want also to have option to add new part record in lines.

Is it possible to create such form in the KEXI? If so, how to do this?

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Hi Piotr,
I am sorry for the late reply, I seem to have problems with notifications about new forum posts.

1. Regarding presentation of the form it seems to be request for subforms functionality. It's unfortunately not present in KEXI <= 3.2.

2. Regarding searching questions:

Most straightforward approach is to design a parameter query that asks users for criteria.

Screen shots with samples: ... query.html

There is no support for selection from existing related records or support for parametric actions based on such selection. These would be most useful constructs.

Disadvantage of the straightforward approach is that while license plate would be easy to provide, searching for names requires typing precise names or using of LIKE operator. None are especially user friendly.

Another option would be scripting, also not present in released versions of KEXI.


Best regards,
Jarosław Staniek

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