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Samsung NP530U4B-S01FR: energy saving problems (2)

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Hi all !

I'm using KDE 4.9.1 on archlinux x86_64 and have been on IRC already to find a solution to these problems:
  • The button's action "As lid is closed" (sorry for the translation not being accurate, but I'm using KDE in french) is set as "Suspend" and does not work (this topic)
  • As unplugged from sector, the energy profile does not switch to "Off-line"

I have a systemd init system (no hybrid with sysvinit) and therefore acpid is not installed (cf here).

The trouble is pretty simple: when the lid is closed, the system does not suspend but the screen is only turned off, although the energy profile is correctly set. I know my computer is capable of suspending since it is KDE managing the powerbutton: if I chose (choose ?) "Suspend" as action when the powerbutton is pressed, the computer is sent to sleep and when I chose the "Display Logout Pop-up window", it acts as expected.

Thanks for helping me !

KDE 4.10.1 Archlinux x86_64 on both laptops :)
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Please see the first thread.
In particular, please provide your KDE version and make sure ConsoleKit is installed and running.

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