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vfat mounts as "showexec"-Unable to execute scripts

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Recently I was trying to make my pendrive bootable with Slax 7 (KDE 4) executing the script from Kubuntu 12.04.
It happens that the FAT partitions are mounted by udisks with "showexec" option which does not allow changing attributes of files and make them executable. Also if the file is executable, to copy it to the FAT partition it loses its attributes. ... ments.html

Searching I've found that apparently UDisks change was introduced because a problem with Nautilus.: ... ea32589d0c

How is it possible that for a software problem has been introduced a change in udisks that can harm the whole community? Would it have been better perhaps solve the Nautilus problem without modifying udisks?

Anyway, I want to know if it is possible to make FAT partitions in KDE are mounted without that option.

I'm pretty sure it's not an issue that lies with KDE. Anyway I posting this topic in case anyone happens that can not run scripts from FAT pendrives/flash drives in KDE.
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I'm not sure why UDisks was modified to help Nautilus, however this is a general issue KDE faces with developers who support GNOME working on Linux middleware.

Unfortunately in this case I don't think KDE is configurable to send special mount options to UDisks without recompiling. May I suggest adjusting UDisks to not contain this patch if you are able to? You could also try adding the device(s) in question to /etc/fstab as UDisks may possibly respect that instead of it's own defaults if present.

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