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disks (both internal and removable) not visible in KDE

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For few days I have a problem. Partitions of internal disks and removable media such as USB sticks or CDs are not shown in file manager (Dolphin or Krusader) or in Device Notifier.
The disks are recognized by udev, proper entries in /dev/... are created, and I can mount them manually.
Moreover, I can properly see as "Devices" my entries from fstab regarding remote locations. So it seems that KDE shows everything it can, but doesn't know there are some disks in my machine.
I use Kubuntu 12.4 with KDE 4.11.2. The problem may be related to update of KDE I performed recently, but I would rather not have to revert update to all components if someone can help me resolve this problem.
I tried to find some clues in the web, but everything is rather old and deals with hal, which is not installed in my system. The only thing I have found that may be important is that $ solid-hardware list gives following errors:
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Failed enumerating UDisks2 objects: "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown"
 "The name org.freedesktop.UDisks2 was not provided by any .service files"

I have udisks package installed, not udisks2.
There are no errors in logs, of course. I am not familiar with modern notification systems in KDE. How can I diagnose the problem?
Why something wants udisks2? Is it safe to replace udisks by udisks2 or more things will break?

All help will be greatly appreciated.
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