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KDE wallet and Firefox password auto-fill

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I used to use Firefox KWallet Extension and secure login extension. When I wrote first letters of login then login name appeared and I could chose it and when pressed enter (or after using tab to pass to password window and press enter) password was auto-filled and I was logged in.
Since Firefox 23 it doesn't work anymore.

Anyone has a idea how to make it work again this way?

Autor of KWallet Extension points to some possible problems with paths of libraries
In Kubuntu 12.04 I found

Does Kubuntu uses xulrunner? I don't understand the whole explanation.

Can someone give me the steps with commands what should be done.

Or maybe you use different way for auto-filling of password. I hate typing them all over again time.
Or maybe do you know anyway how to make those add-ons think firefox is in older version. I use check compatybility add-on but it doesn't help much. Some add-ons simply dosn't work.

What are other safe solutions that make is easy to manage passwords for Firefox (or Chromium) without typing in them each time?
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Hmm, this seems like a rather unusual addon/extension.
None the less, to test if the steps given by the author have an impact based on the output you have provided, please run the following in a terminal. Make sure no instances of Firefox are running on your system at the time.
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export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/kde4/libkdeinit/:/usr/lib/firefox/
firefox &

What is more likely however is that Firefox has changed the behaviour of their browser in the latest version, which has broken the extension/addon.

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