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Unable to open Yakuake on external display

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I'm currently using a laptop with an external display through HDMI, the external display is my primary.
I use Yakuake as my quick access to my terminal with the F12 shortcut. 2 days ago I had no issues with Yakuake but suddenly (possibly following an update) I'm unable to use the shortcut to open Yakuake when my mouse is in the external display, only on the laptop screen. If Yakuake is open in the laptop screen and the mouse is on the external display the shortcut will collapse Yakuake, but I can't open it again.
The shortcut works when the displays are unified, but I would prefer to extend the displays. How can I configure Yakuake so it will open in whichever monitor the mouse is currently in?

Kernel release: 4.19.10-arch1-1-ARCH
Display server: xorg 1.20.3-1
Display manager: SDDM
Desktop environment: Plasma 5.14.4-1

Workspace -> Window Management -> Window Behaviour -> Active screen follows mouse is active
Configure - Yakuake -> Window -> Open on screen: At mouse location.

edit: updated xorg version

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