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5 Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker up for Grabs on The Market

Our preference for coffee is increasing more and more day by day. A hot cup of coffee in winter will warm up our body, or cold brew coffee brings strong, sweet flavor, less acidic-tasting than hot brew.

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In fact, there are a variety of benefits cold brew offers, including several impressive health benefits. It is undeniable that this beverage helps us not only reduce calories but also fight against disease and aging thanks to antioxidants. That is why cold brew coffee has become one of the preferred drinks in recent times.

Before you ask yourself where to buy the best cold brew coffee maker, it is pretty essential that you read our review carefully first. In this post, I will reveal some of the finest cold brew coffee makers of top brands that I have ever encountered. You might want to check them out and see which one should be able to fit your taste and budget.

1. Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker


The Takeya cold brew 4-cup coffee maker is completely free of nasties like BPA-free plastic with a non-slip silicone handle that can stand the hot or cold temperatures. Designed with a simple and portable pitcher, it can fit in your fridge or make cold brew coffee when you are traveling without worry about spilling.

It is very easy to use! You just need to pour the coffee grounds into the chamber, fill with water, and then let it steep for up to 36 hours. Besides, thanks to the stainless-steel filter, this model helps you stay cool and refreshed for outdoor activities. Also, it makes nice smooth coffee that has a different taste from usual coffee.

Although the durability of this system seems fragile because of the soft foam plastic on the handle, if you are a coffee lover on a budget, it could be the right choice for you!

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2. Primula Burke Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

In today's market, the Primula cold brew coffee maker has been sizzling with everything that is impressive! Many consider the brand to be one of the best manufacturers of iced coffee makers, and I cannot agree more.

The Primula comes with a sturdy glass carafe, a robust protective holder and a convenient handle that offers a firm grip. One unique feature is that the non-slip silicone base prevents the glass from slipping accidentally.

Despite its low price, this model still produces you smooth, delicious cold brew coffee or iced tea at home. Cold-brew coffee by Primula is one of the least fussy ways to get caffeinated, only by brewing, storing, and serving everything ‘all in one” but maintaining high quality. You can add vanilla, cinnamon, or coconut before brewing to produce a variety of flavors.

This cold brew drip coffee maker requires brewing up to 24 hours to give a decent flavor, but I recommend 48 hours that will give you that Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts flavor. It can serve up to six cups of coffee, but can still fit in most refrigerator doors.

3. Coffee Gator Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Sure enough, one of the best iced coffee makers comes from the leading high-quality brand in the market, Coffee Gator. This machine can serve you with a cool, natural and sweet flavor without the strong bitterness. One plus point is that its system produces coffee up to 67% less acidic than regular brew.

In terms of the design, it has a collapsible funnel and a well-made metal scoop which are easy to measure and place coffee in the sieve without the risk of spilling it all over the kitchen. The plastic parts are heavy and durable, and the design is out of the world; for instance, the filter bottom screws off to make for easy cleaning.

With the this machine, you will probably experience some instant delights in terms of the perfectly-brewed coffee that it can produce each morning.

4. Filtron Cold Water Coffee Brewer


For those who are trying to find a super-clean cold brewer, this model is worth purchasing. The Filtron cold water coffee brewer appeals coffee lovers by concentrating on making rich, smooth-flavored cold-brewed coffee comparable with any other coffee you have tasted.

The system is very simple – you just add coffee grounds, water, let them sit, then drain into the carafe. It takes up a lot of space and also takes an amount of time to prepare each brew, and each brew will take no less than 12 hours to produce a drinkable product, but I must say that it is worth the wait!

With the aid of a reusable filter and grounds protective disc, the amount of sediment and grit in the final extraction gets greatly reduced.

The modernization is its key feature. Filtron coffee maker includes a second large plastic container with a tiny hole in the center. Add water to the water container. Now, place this container on the coffee container. The water gradually seeps through a small hole onto the coffee grounds at the bottom.

5. Dash DCBCM550BK Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Dash Rapid Cold Brew System is right here for those who do not like to wait overnight for cold brewing. You just charge the container with coffee grounds, fill the carafe with water and spin the dial. Wait for five to ten minutes depending on the strength of coffee you desire, and you’re done! If you want to have it hot, you can heat up your cold brew as well.

Further, this coffee maker is BPA-free, has a reusable filter and an electric pump which creates an internal vacuum. Along with the superior speed, it is easy to clean as any drip coffee maker, and the machine is not too noisy, either. Moreover, you can even store the carafe in the fridge directly after brewing and store it that way for up to 10 days.

This machine can produce 16 servings with a bit of a weak taste. It is considered as one of the fastest machines, so if you are fond of saving more time, you could try it

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The Bottom Line

Nowadays, cold brew has become the hottest trend in the field of beverages due to having smoother taste than the traditionally-brewed coffee with less acidity and bitterness.

If you are looking for cold brew coffee maker reviews, then you can explore my blog. I have a lot of these products and I am still doing more!

I hope that this guide can help you decide which coffee maker you should get. All of the choices that I have given here provide specific benefits to each coffee drinker featuring well-built designs, perfect flavor and high speed of operation. If you are keen on a good-quality cup of joe, let’s own a Primula one. And if anyone is looking for speed, don’t ignore a Dash one.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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