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Notificatoin settings not customizable with all apps

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The notification tray icon / implementation got a nice upgrade - I like how it stays open and shows progress for file transfers, for example.

But I do not like 90% of the "history" it keeps, and I would prefer it not stay there showing the number of notifications, as if there are like 20 "new" things for me to be notified about by it's just a bunch of useless history. I always had it set up so that it shows up in the tray when something needs my attention, like if there are updates, or something fails, or it's hasn't been read yet. But now it's pretty much always in the tray for unimportant history, that I already saw, and I have to clear them to get the icon to disappear.

I know you can configure if for each app, and I've turned off history for most things, but not all programs are there. I use Signal messenger, and it's not listed as one of the programs I can configure. If I have a back and forth convo with someone for a bit there will be the icon with like 20 old notifications for msgs that were received, which I already saw as they popped up, and have to keep clearing it.

I check off not to keep history for "low priority" things but it seems that Signal doesn't fall under that umbrella. Is there any way for me to configure notifications for it and make it not show in the history? (Would be nice if I could add an audio notification for a new msg too)


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