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How can I make the Ctrl+Shift shortcut available to use?

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On the System settings -> Workspace -> Shortcuts -> Global Shortcuts,
click on any custom shortcut,
then press keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+Shift", it shows "Ctrl+Shift+ ...",
waiting for next key. Something like "Ctrl+Shift+ABCDEFG" is available to use,
But it doesn't trigger the "Ctrl+Shift" itself as a available shortcut.
Press only the "Ctrl+Shift" then release, it doesn't save this shortcut.

I then noticed that in keyboard layout, there is a keyboard shortcut at
System settings -> Hardware -> Input Devices -> Layouts -> Shortcuts for Switching Layout,
there is a shortcut "Ctrl+Shift" to switch to another layout available to choose.

So that seems "Ctrl+Shift" is technically feasible by KDE or system.
How can I use this shortcut in my other software?
The software is IBus, a kind of Linux input method solution.
Use "Ctrl+Shift" to switch to next input method(basically switch on or off)

I can do some programming stuff,
if I have to modify some source code that is also fine.
I' just doesn't familiar KDE... It's brand new for me.

The "Ctrl+Shift"...
I've learned it when my first time to touch the PC,
that was 9 years old.
Today I'm 22, I'v use this one for 13 years.
That's handy, it's just the two nearby key at left corner.
I set this on every operating system I ever meet,
Windows 98, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, Ubuntu, Windows 10, CentOS, Debian...
Actually I've just moved from Debian 10 with Gnome 3 to Debian 10 with KDE,
I find a method to use that shortcut to switch between IBus input method on that Gnome environment.
Considering this is Linux the open source world,
there should be a way to do this on KDE,
but I still haven't found it using Google.

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