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How to restore a backup ?

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How to restore a backup ?

Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:29 pm
I have created a backup using the kde built-in backup tool (kup).
The way to create was pretty straightforward: went to kde configuration panel, backup section, fill the form and done.
Now, I want to restore it. I go to the same place and it shows a panel with an entry to my last backup with a red badge and a white cross (or a big X). Uhmm...

At the bottom of this panel, the "restore" button is disabled...

The backup disk is mounted and looks like there a a big file there:
Code: Select all
[email protected]:~/tmp$ du  /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/
4       /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/refs/tags
8       /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/refs/heads
16      /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/refs
52      /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/hooks
4       /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/branches
8       /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/info
8       /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/logs/refs/heads
12      /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/logs/refs
16      /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/logs
4       /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/objects/info
47201736        /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/objects/pack
47201744        /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/objects
47321876        /media/miguel/InternalBackup/kup-backup/miguel/
[email protected]:~/tmp$

What is wrong ? Why the red badge ?

Running KUbuntu 19.04

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