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Taiwanese input method - how to set?

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I'm not entirely sure if this is the right sub-forum, or the right forum for that matter, but I wanted to ask the following question:

I'm using OpenSuSE Leap 15.0 with KDE and I would like to add the most widely used in Taiwan Chinese-language input method - the Zhuyin Fuhao / Bopomofo keyboard. I have installed the Chinese language to my system and my input switcher is fcitx (as far as I'm aware).

I indeed managed to add the Bopomofo (here called chewing) through the Input Method window, however, I was only able to nest it under the default language (English), as there isn't any option to change or configure input methods for the other languages through this window. This layout/input method is also not available if I try to add Chinese through the Keyboard module. Any idea how to fix this and put it where it belongs? Also, ctrl+shift is set to toggle between the input methods, but it doesn't - any idea why? Now this is the less important one of my two questions, the main one being the following:

Bopomofo is a phonetic script, which is not used for typing Chinese except for educational purposes in schoolbooks etc. Thus, when typing the required symbol, it appears on the screen, but is not typed - instead, there's a line next to the keyboard cursor where different Hànzì characters (i.e. the ones you usually see when you think of Chinese) - which start with the same phonetic element the Bopomofo symbol stands for, and from which one can choose. What I want is to be able to also type these symbols without selecting a Character. On my Google Android keyboard this is possible and very easy - one just needs to long-press the original symbol instead of selecting a character. I read that under Windows, it is possible to select from the layout menu whether the text is going to be typed in Hàn characters or in Bopomofo symbols, so I imagine that depending on what is chosen it will either work as on KDE, or just type the symbols without proposing characters. But what could I do to get the Bopomofo symbols out on my OpenSuSE?

PS Is it fine if I post this both here and in the local Taiwanese version of the site? The problem with the latter is that I'm not sure if the people hanging there understand English.

PS2 Actually, the link to the Taiwanese version leads to a page which is not found. I'll also post my question to the Chinese forum, but I guess this here will be my main entry, since they probably don't speak English.

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