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QCSM Quick-Click-Script-Menu

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QCSM Quick-Click-Script-Menu

Wed Jul 08, 2020 1:35 pm
I'm new to the forum, hello!

Way back in KDE there was an extremely useful litle thingie that I could drop an icon of on the panel. I cannot remember it's name but it was a KISS jewel, later 'replaced' by the Quick-Access whatever which was a poor alternative which also bit the dust. So for lack of a better name I provisionally give it QCSM.

I would love to see this resurrected in full crunched glory! Currently in plasma I can only create a custom menu with which there are so many issues that I'd just as soon delay them to a later point in the discussion. MY use of the cited uti was as follows:

I have a hundred or so little bash chore-doers such as Apache-Start, Mount-DevSda1 etc. The bash scripts open a terminal window where the (usually sudo) command is echoed verbatim (for continued education and recall) together with a countdown to read it. Any error will also be shown here. In order to get this process-showing terminal window to pop up I had to start with a KDE command which in turn launches it.

For example under
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it calls the konsole

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konsole -e bash ~/0/share/bashers/apachestart.bsh

That invoked script in turn reads

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echo " "
echo " Apache the web server is being started. It can be used"
echo " as a local-server at to simulate web"
echo " services as they are hosted on disk under /srv. Minimize"
echo " its use while connected to the net."
echo " "
echo "command: sudo systemctl start apache2.service"
sudo systemctl start apache2.service
echo "                 ..................................... show 10 secs"
pad="                "
while [ "$COUNTER" -gt "0" ]
        pad=$pad" "
        printf "$pad $dotsleft\r"
        sleep 0.2
        let "COUNTER -= 1"
        let "remains -= 1"

That's just ONE example. I also have (up to 4 disks with up to a dozen or more partitions) about 50 pre-created mountpoints that relate to the partition:
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serves to mount
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under ..and so on.

The beauty of the cited little uti was that it handled these script selections with amazing economy and minimal footprint. I use vertical panels on the sides so clicking on the launcher icon I would look something like

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Kicking-Foot (icon)
                          >  Mounts    >  sda
                                       >  sdb
                                       >  sdc    > sdc01
                                       >  sdd    > sdc02
                                                 > sdc03

I'm not much at graphics but this gives the idea for a hybrid-click menu utility where a first click pops a classical cascading menu held until a (necessarily safe) DOUBLE click on the resired action launches it. I unfortunately cannot provide a screenshot (anymore). The beauty of this thigie was that the entire cascading placard never went past a 20-30 characters from the launch pixels, it was extremely compact unless one was an idiot and started using 2-yard long decals.

Addendum: I'm a great fan of feedback and an ennemy of swampy virtualizations like "my documents" instead of
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, that's why I use the verbose terminal window, my 2 cents says that all pref or defining app dialogs should show exactly what file will be modified and frm what to what when done.

If any dev will take this up and resurrect the thingie I'll ask my bartender to recite a mass for his soul thak you. I'll be more than happy to contribute with more description where I can. :)

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