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Getting multiple instances of kate and konqueror in 20.04

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Hi all,

I'm facing this issue since upgrading to kubuntu 20.04 LTS.

In e.g. 16.04 LTS I was able to start further instances with the same user via SSH of konqueror and kate.
Now this is no longer possible. I tried with kate the -n and --startanon but both did not generate a kate window on the remote SSH connection.
To get one, I have to issue a killall kate and then I'm able to start kate via remote SSH.
Similar to konqueror, but there is no way to actually start a new instance by command line.
Firefox is also not able to do this, but this was already the case in previous versions of kubuntu, so this is not connected to the upgrade.

How can I get back the features from 16.04, I need to work remotely from several places with several instances of both tools from above...

Or - is there a way to move the tools from session to session via a special wayland or X command?

Best regards,


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