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Samsung SCX 4623 FN Printer doesn't work (kubuntu 20.10 live

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Hello there,

recently I'm trying to find my way my into KDE on my HP convertible device.
I was hoping for a better touch screen support then I got with Linux Mint.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to install my network driver, yet.
With Linux Mint Cinnamom Ihad to download the driver from the HP homepage (because they bought Samsung some time ago).
After that I used the Terminal to bring the printer and even network-scanning to work. The same workaround unfortunately didn't work with KDE. Could it be that that is because I'm using the live USB? Do you have any ideas?

Tanks in advance!

(Ps: cross posting here because I couldn't get an answer in the German user forum to several days. Hope that's ok.)

Edit: could it be that the reason is ubuntus ippusbxd package? My succesful installation regarded on Mint 19.3 with an older ubuntu base. Mint 20 with ubuntu 20.04 base brought some driver issues, too. Never tested zhat with my samsung.
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well yes, live USB is not the best solution if you want to set up a printer, as it will only persist until the next reboot.

Currently running Kubuntu 20.10, Plasma 5.19.5, Frameworks 5.74.0, Qt 5.14.2, kernel 5.8.0-38, AMD RENOiR Graphics
FWIW: it is always useful to state the exact Plasma version and distribution when asking questions, makes it easier for us to help ...

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