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Shouldn't Konsole automaticly resize to fit font size ?

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first post here, please don't be mean ;)

What do i mean by that title ?
Well, i run a lot of terminal apps, such as vim, and when they use a background color, or fit to the terminal size, it does this :
which forces me to either live with this frustrating thing or resize pixel by pixel manually.

I think it would be a good idea to make it scale to the font size automatically, although it may not be easy to implement. by that, i mean something like rxvt (Unicode).

I guess this is a question about how to do it, and an idea on how to improve Konsole if it isn't possible, so i wasn't quite sure where i should have posted this.

Thanks for reading !
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So looking at that screenshot, I'm not sure what I'm seeing or what the problem is.
Is the problem that when the font size is adjusted you end up with unused window space? Is it that when resizing the Konsole window it doesn't snap to exact character dimensions, potentially allowing empty space on the right and bottom edges?
Phrasing the problem as: When I do X then it does Y by I want/expect it to Z; would be helpful. (and referencing other apps isn't always helpful)

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