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KDE telepathy no longer works with google talk after update

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After updating to Kubuntu 19.10 KDE telepathy no longer works with google talk accounts. Double clicking on a contact in the contact list (the window titled "KDE IM Contacts" results in a long delay after which a gray window shows up along with a message "Handler no longer available".

I've also had the chat window show up sometimes (when recieving messages), but the text field is unresponsive making it impossible to enter text.

I have this issue both on my laptop and desktop computers which were both upgraded from the previous kde version.

Thanks and one off topic question.
I was wondering if it is possible to use web scraping in a windows gadget.

I want to create a gadget that has a large textbox that I can paste multiple links for megashares in it and have it return the actual download link so that I can just copy all the links in one go to the clipboard...

The little bit I know is that on once the megashares page is loaded the link is always at this line in the source
Code: Select all
<!-- notice //--><div style="float:left; clear:both;">
<div id="dlink"><a href="">Click here to download</a>

and it appears to always start with <div id="dlink"> there is more garbage after the </a> above that relates to the adds that are attached to the same area of the screen.

Is there a way to do this? I am quite new to this kind of thing, only using VBS and HTML normally.
If someone can point me to a simple (idiots) guide it would be awesome.

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