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How can i develop on KDE and best Neon setup to do so..

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I am not new to Linux (used Ubuntu w/ Unity and Fedora w/ Gnome). But after a few years of Windows only use - I am back to the Linux OS.

I stumbled upon KDE via Kubuntu. Then found out that you have KDE Neon edition. I understand the concept of Neon (mainly, updated KDE apps repository not dependent on Ubuntu cycles) and I like that concept.

I have two objectives:

1. Start using linux again as my one opertaing system for all computing (except for gaming). Writing, PDF creation, printing, Internet access, graphics design. I need it to just work, with little or no fuss.

2. Start developing in KDE using C++, Qt, cmake, etc. I have developed in the past on Windows using VBA. I would like to start giving back to a community, and I think KDE is the place for me to do this. I would start just making small little apps to start and figure out Git when I start on projects.

Do you suggest I get two laptops, one for Development work using Dev Stable/Unstable and one laptop for my rock-solid KDE Neon User Edition?

What do the devleopers here do?

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I don't know that the KDE devs do, but a couple of options for your consideration: Just using one laptop set up with both editions with dual-boot so you can select which one to run when you start up the laptop. Installing one edition (user) on the laptop itself, but use a VM for the dev edition.

You can set up your dev environment on either the User or Dev edition (or both), and just plan to install the stuff to the Dev edition install.

As for the development setup itself, I think first and foremost is to get comfortable with Kdevelop., and maybe checkout a couple of the KDE projects to review code style, etc.
A good resource for figuring out where to start would be the Get Involved page on the KDE wiki.

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