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Where are annotations and other review assets stored?

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Dear all,

I had a series of pdf documentes annoted and underlined with Okular's review tools at the office laptop that I copied to my home computer. At the home system none of the annotations or other review elements show up. What happened exactly? As I understand it, the reviews are not stored in the document themselves but somewhere else. How can I guarantee that when moving these files around the reviews aren't lost?

Btw, both home and office systems are Ubuntu 12.04.

Thank you,

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Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:52 am
they are store in an xml file in folder ~/.kde[4]/shar/apps/okular/docdata with an extention of .xml ... l#menufile
File → Export As
The second entry is Document Archive, which allows you to save the document with your annotations into an Okular-specific archive format. Thus it is easily possible to share the original document and your annotations with other Okular users or work with them collaboratively.

you might also be able to use:
File → Save As...
Save the currently open file under a different name using the document backend. With the PDF backend (Poppler >= 0.8 required) it is possible to save the document with the changed values of the form fields. It can be possible (provided that the data were not secured using DRM) to save annotations with PDF files (Poppler >= 0.22 required).

unfortunately I am not familiar enough with Okular to explain the pros/cons of the 2 methods but minimal testing showed that using "save as":
- notes type 1 could viewed not be edited
- inline inline notes and popup notes using hightlight could be edited/deleted
again minmal testing, so not an answer to base a decision on

I would suggest you use export as "archive as" as it will provide full Okular review functionality

OpenSuse Leap 42.1 x64, Plasma 5.x

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