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Duplicate image finder - Sort by filesize

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Hello, I am very new to digikam, but my main use case so far is finding and eliminating duplicate images in a smallish folder of images (~7k). Because of how they are sourced, some images may be duplicates, but resized in some way, past visually identifying the one I would like to keep, I usually want to keep the largest of the duplicate images. In the duplicate finder window/tab I can show the images side-by-side with their thumbnails, larger previews, or a table. The Table interests me the most because I think that with some tweaking it can show me the filesizes of the images. But I don't know how to get it to do that. Right now all it shows is a thumbnail, filename, rating (I don't know what this is), creation date, and title. How do I get it to show filesizes as well, or is there another, better way I should be doing this?

Even if I can get table view to show filesizes, it doesn't appear that I can select an image in table view. I can highlight them with a mouse-click, but as soon as my mouse leaves the area, or I right-click, the selection is lost. What should I be doing?

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