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"This action will overwrite the destination"...

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I have been using kdenlive for a couple of years and have made about 20 DVDs (for my personal use, nothing commercial). I store all of my clips on an external hard drive.

I have not used kdenlive since about February of this year. When I attempt to "Add Clip" (jpgs in this case) in Version 0.9.6 a window opens alerting me that the clip is on another device. It asks if I want to copy the file to the directory in which I am working (I can't remember the exact wording). it became annoying to answer either way for each clip so I checked the box asking if I wanted this to be the default action (again, I cannot remember the exact wording).

Now, when I try to add a .jpg a window opens with a header that says "File already exists". The window says "This action will overwrite the destination". There is a button that says "Suggest New Name". When I click that it renames the file from foo.jpg to foo1.jpg. When I click "Continue" another window opens saying effectively the same thing ad infinitude. The same problem exists when I try to add video files.

I have looked at the settings in kdenlive for a way to undo what I have done, but there is nothing obvious to fix this problem. I have searched the web for a solution to no avail.

I am using Arch Linux with Fluxbox 1.3.5-2 on a 32-bit machine. Please help me resolve this dilemma.

Thank you,
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Does the "destination" directory in this case have plenty of free space?

With regards to clearing the default flag, you could try moving the "kdenliverc" file out of the way. It can usually be found at ~/.kde4/share/config/ or ~/.kde/share/config/.

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