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No more sound mixing in KDEnlive since Version 15.12

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I moved to Ubuntu-Studio 16.04 and now can use Version 15.12.3 of KDEnlive. I'm happy about it since I've seen many new features and corrections on my favorite video editor. :)

But I have an issue : usually when I put an audio track, and then a video one, the sounds get to mix (and I am the one who can shut down a track, correct the sound or anything else needed). But on this new version I put a background audio track, and over it (on the next upper free video track) I put a sounded video. The result is that the audio track is cut at the moment the video starts.

I thought that it needed some new "Transition" to have the sounds mix, but I found nothing.

Can you help me ? Thanks. :)

EDIT : The issue is only when using Audio tracks type. It works well if I put my audio background on any Video track.

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