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Question: Can I use audio to control effects and animation?

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Hello Kdenlive gurus and friends.

I've been wanting to use Kdenlive to create music visualizations and music videos in Linux and I've thought of three features that MIGHT exist, but I don't know how to access them if they do.

1) Use audio to control parameters of a visual effect. Example: Music track amplitude (aka volume) modulates a visual parameter. In practice, as the track gains in average (RMS) amplitude, the brightness of the image increases. Alternatively the waveform peaks above a set level would trigger multicam or video clip changes. This would allow a kick drum to trigger switches between video clips in a dance song.

2) Use keyframes to automatically trigger videoclip changes. This is more labor intensive, but would be workable. I could use the right arrow to move through the audio and place keyframes on every beat. Kdenlive could then use this information to randomize changes from video clip to video clip.

3) THIS would be a dream come true. Set timing and grid to Beats Per Minute. This would make aligning clips to music dramatically faster even if the two previous functions are far too technically involved to use reasonably.

Please let me know if any of this exists or if there is a bounty we can start for the last one at least.

Thanks everyone who can help with this
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This you can do in Audition and After Effects…

I don’t think this is possible in Kdenlive because it’s a mixture of an audio and composition program and you need a matte layer. Try the following: put an effect on the video and click on add keyframe as the beat goes. Then you have the keyframes which you can move as you like.

Maybe some inspiration with these 2 videos (search in google “kdenlive matte layer”):,

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