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Support for .RAW & HDR files from Magic Lantern hacked Canon

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Recently Magic Lantern crew has enabled Most Canon VDSLR cameras to record in a RAW Video format - a file consisting a series of raw DNG pictures - that you can develop just like a regular photo raw picture, and an audio track.

Thus far the preferred/ only way to work with those video files is by converting the video .raw file to a series of pictures and importing them to create "slideshow/movie" series from an individual takes - and then cut and edit it in preferred video editor.
Import is being done as a DNG, or tiff, or Developed (corrected) Jpg pictures

However there is a first Plugin for Adobe AE and Premiere, that allows to skip the conversion to dng and importing of pictures as a slideshow/ series and just drag and drop the raw video file to work with it. - This shall be preferred way of working since it can save time, and about 3x the space on harddrive - of the video file in a process of conversion to .dng - which can take up to 3 x more than the .raw video file.

So i have a question/ kind request/ suggestion for KDENLIVE Crew../ programmers to consider - as RAW Video is the next big thing coming up.. i'd say bigger than 4k videos.. and i like KDENLIVE the Best of all video editors.. and i have worked on most of them on a market:

For a module to be developed for KDENLive that would:
1.Allow for direct loading/import of .RAW files produced by MagicLantern Firmware hack for Canon cameras - into KdenLive Video Bin
2.Module to manipulate /develop those files inside of Kdenlive - i believe it could be largely imported from other opensource project like Gimp, or other Raw Photo developers like raw therapee, darktable, etc.. - since setting sharpnes levels, white balance, saturation etc. is being done on one of the "raw frames" and than applied on ALL frames in a any given take, or all takes - if shot at the same settings in camera, and lighting conditions on set.
- or maybe there is already a base module that could be used to manipulate/develop frames in Kdenlive?
3. There is also a "HDR" Video inside of a Magic Lantern firmware that allows to capture yet even greater DR of scene by alternating ISO sensitivity. This Function is either called a "DualISO", or "HDR Video". You Simply select any 2 ISO's and Resulting Video File is for example: HD 60 p File, that has one frame recorded at 100 ISO, and the other one at 800 ISO and the frames are being alternated between each other. - During processing you Choose HOW the 2 frames are blended together(like when making an HDR Photo - thus expanding Available recoded DR of a scene beyond limits of a Bit range of a single Jpeg/ or H246 compressed file.. virtually by 2 fol - producing instead of 1 8bit video file - 2 frames 8+8 bit, that when blended can give "16 bits of data"
- there is also a version of HDR RAW Video - Dual iso - which can give you in theory 2 14 bits raw Pictures, that when blended correctly could give you something that was never before possible, and is not.. 28 bit video file.. WOOW!! :-DD

.Raw Video files basically are allowing you to use FULL 14 bit colorspace and DR of a camera, and have Sharper, un aliased/ no noise reduction, and Completely uncompressed frames/video - which is something more than amazing. and you can apply all of the processing afterwards including noise reduction!.

Here are some links and info on the project that can help. and please let me know if I can be of any assistance.
Sample files of such RAW video are available on net, and to be downloaded.

Let me know what do you think, is it possible, are you already working on it, and if i can be of any assistance.

Here are the links:
Adobe " .raw " plugin called "Ginger":

"Raw Video Thread":

"Raw Magic Lantern Video Format discussion - specs":

There are also a samples of movies already developed and it shows how amazing the results can be.
Thanks for your amazing Work so far, and all the best to all of You!. :-)

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