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Can't preserve DV video Date/Time in rendered video ?

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Hello everyone,
First of all, happy new year to the whole community !

My first question to this forum :
In each video extracted from my Camera recorder, which are DV videos, I have a Date and Time for each sequence, corresponding to the exact date and time when the sequence was recorded (well at least the date & time of the camera ;) ).

In edited videos (with added music, titles and effects) that I saved back on my DV tapes, I still have this Date and Time information from the original sequences (even after edition).
These videos have been edited 10 years ago with Pinnacle Studio, a Windows software (at that time, I was still running windows ;D )
When I capture these edited videos back on my Gentoo box, I can still see the date & time (in Kino for example, or even with dvgrab and the -srt option)

I would like to be able to preserve this Date & Time information in my new edited videos, the same way Pinnacle Studio did it, but with Kdenlive this time !
I still have the same recorder, and the captured videos, before edition, still show the date & time info.

But during rendering, it looks like I'm loosing this information : the final output doesn't have anymore this precious information !
(I tried Raw DV and AVI DV, PAL 4:3 format, same as input videos)
Does anybody know what steps I should follow to avoid loosing this timestamp ? I know it's possible since this old windows software did it, but I haven't been successfull till today with kdenlive...

EDIT : I'm using Kdenlive 0.9.2 and dvgrab 3.5
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I seriously doubt that Kdenlive and MLT do preserve time code data, and I doubt they even could. I would suggest locking into ffmpeg, maybe it can handle such things. Kdenlive and MLT are not simply for cutting clips, they are powerful tools for compositing multiple sources even simultaneously. When you are compositing, time codes don't make any sense any more. What would be the tesulting time code from clip A with clip B screened in? I suppose there is a reason why the button for producing the final output from a project is called 'render'. The output is completely rendered anew, there is no simple copy process. Instead, the source clips gets decoded, then compositing is done, then the resulting stream of frames is encoded anew, possibly in a different format than the source clips.

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