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export adds bars while keeping resolution - why?

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Hi, after two days of testing, reading and again testing I'm at a loss what's going on here: My rendered file has a different resolution (or not) as well as black bars on top despite all evidence to the contrary.

I have created a custom profile {see 2 at the bottom} which corresponds to my {see 1}. Dropping the video into a new project with this profile works well, the preview looks good, too. But when I render it {mp4, see 3} things go wrong:

According to kdenlive testresult.mp4 has the same properties as its source {apart from see 4}. Yet for some reason it now has black bars all around it (effectively resizing the image). Even more confusing, Quicktime reports the's size as "962x676" (smaller than kdenlive's information) and testresult.mp4's size as "976x688 (917X688)" (976x688 being kdenlive's info as well).

Can anyone help me out to solve this problem? Thanks a lot.

You can download my small test case (4MB) here:

{1} test (according to kdenlive) size 976x688px, frame rate 60, pixel aspect 1, pixel format yuv420p
{2} profile: size 976x688, frame rate 60/1, fields per sec 60.00, pixel aspect 1/1, display aspect 4/3, colorspace ITU-R 709, progressive.
{3} rendering options: mpeg-4/aac, no buttons selected not even "rescale", set to scanning "auto": f=mp4 acodec=aac ab=%audiobitrate+'k' ar=44100 vcodec=mpeg4 minrate=0 vb=%bitrate+'k' aspect=%dar mbd=2 trellis=1 mv4=1 pass=%passes
{4} testresult.mp4: apart from the colorspace changing from ITU-R709 to 601, and the codec now being MPEG-4 part 2 instead of H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10)

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