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Exporting to Webm with Opus (and VP9)

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Hi all,

A few month ago, it was asked on IRC/Telegram on the possibility to export in Webm with VP9/Opus.
A workaround I eventually found was to get inspiration from the profile in Shotcut ( ).
When copied in the Parameters field of a custom profile, the following seem to work.
Code: Select all
f=webm  acodec=libopus ar=48000 ab=128k  vcodec=libvpx-vp9 vb=2M g=120 bf=2 threads=0 rc_lookahead=16 quality=good speed=3 vprofile=0 qmax=51 qmin=4 slices=4 tile-columns=6 frame-parallel=1 auto-alt-ref=1 lag-in-frames=25 row-mt=1

But I guess it should be tweaked for better /quality, etc.
And I have no idea if it's possible to connect the different values with the different parameters of the UI.

HTH and feedback welcome,

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