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Krita Plugin

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Krita Plugin

Tue May 14, 2019 9:35 am

Hello everyone!

I need the effect you see in the image for pictures, the original idea is to use a cutting plotter ...I tried lots of options and I need to know if there is any plugin that could give me that kind of result.
Any help would be really appreciated
Thanks a lot
Best regards
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Re: Krita Plugin

Tue May 14, 2019 11:19 am
If you have a recent version of Krita on Windows or Linux it likely includes the G'MIC plugin which you can access through Filters > Start G'MIC-Qt. A pop-up window will appear that lets you choose a filter and play with its settings. On macOS it (currently) does not work as plugin. In that case you could use the web version of G'MIC: - In the Black & White section try B&W Stencil, Charcoal or Stamp for example.

A few things to note however:
* The picture you linked was most likely tweaked and finished by hand. An automatic algorithm alone will not give you a perfect result. You may for example need to fill in areas that should have a solid color, or draw outlines around objects.
* It is also possibly a screenshot from a vector file, not a raster image. If you require a vector file for the cutting plotter, and I'm not sure what they usually take since I never used one, you could do that through Inkscape with the Trace Bitmap option or use an online tool like .
* G'MIC doesn't work non-destructively inside Krita, so duplicate the layer you want to work on in case you need a backup.
* If you want that light color overlay you can use a gradient and/or watercolor looking brushes with light opacity on a new layer and use a blending mode like multiply or darken on it.

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