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Free FlipNote-like Pixel + Pattern Brush Set

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Hello! I've made a small free brush pack to share with you. It's a lot like drawing in FlipNote Studio 3D (for Nintendo 3DS), and can help to make oekaki/mspaint/binary-styled artwork in Krita by providing reinforcements for the default pixel brushes.

Here's an overview from my Tumblr, where you can find a couple more details:
In it you’ll find ten brushes + ten patterns you can use to make lowres pixel/binary art. Most of these look unique even if you don’t have a tablet. Krita’s stabilizer is also very easy to use with a mouse!

If any brush lags while drawing, try increasing the Brush Tip Spacing by a little.

  • Brush: Pressure-sensitive circular brush.
  • Needle: Very sharp lines! As pixel-perfect as Krita can get. Use the stabilizer or quick strokes.
  • Square, Pencil, Diamond: just some shapes. Pencil is a circle.
  • Mailbox: squashed circle like the Splatoon 2 mailbox.
  • Eel: Slippery wavy thing that gives your lines some character.
  • Jelly: Edgy wavy thing that gives your lines some character. Try it with pressure enabled too.
  • Squid: Roundish squarish splatty thing that gives your lines some…thing. Try it with a big size.
  • Razor: Flat square aimed towards your cursor. This and Krita’s brush stabilizer with high distance made “brushkit” in the banner.
  • Ten pattern brushes: Eight patterns from Flipnote Studio plus two more chunky line patterns. You can also set the patterns on any of the other brushes!

This pack was made in Krita 4.2.1. Experiment with the stabilizer, tip ratio, sharpening level, brush tip spacing, size-pressure, and rotation to change how your lines look.

You can download the pack for free from Gumroad here: Please enjoy it!

I'd also really like it if this could be added to the resources page!

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