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Animation file cannot be opened in Krita version 4.2.8

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I'm sorry to disturb you, but I've had a very troubling problem. When I try to open the animation file that I have already finished with version 4.2.8 of Krita, the Win10 system terminates and the termination dialog box pops up. The dialog box shows: krita.exe has stopped working. Please wait while windows reports the problem to Microsoft.

Because I've drawn dozens of frames, I can't give up this file. I downloaded version 4.2.6 again and tried to open a file that version 4.2.8 could not open. I succeeded. After dozens of experiments, I found that on my computer, version 4.2.8 could not open any krita animation file, even if the file was only less than 10 frames and made by version 4.2.8 itself. When I use version 4.2.6 back, these animation files open again! I had to use version 4.2.6 when I couldn't solve the problem.

My questions are as follows:
1. Is the problem widespread? Is it only on my computer, or is it the same for all users?If it is the former, then how can I solve it?
2. Will the 4.3.0 version under development solve this problem?
3. Why is there no problem with version 4.2.6? Is there any negative optimization in version change?

Wish you good luck.
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There is a problem with animation in version 4.2.8. It may be that you're using onion skins and have saved the file with onion skins turned on. Version 4.2.7 does not have this problem and can be used instead.
However, it would be a good idea to try the 'Krita Plus' (Stable) version which you can download here: ... Build/639/
This is a later variant of 4.2.8 which has had various bug-fixes applied to it and after some more time and some more bug fixes it will be formally released as version 4.2.9. You can download the -setup.exe package for a full installation or the .zip package which is a standalone executable one. I'd recommend the .zip package because it's easy to use and doesn't affect your currently installed version.
Please try this and reply to say if it's working well for you.

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