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How to suggest new ideas for design!

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So you have an awesome idea? Brilliant! You rock, etc. But how would you make certain it reaches the right people? That's where the VDG will be helpful. When you post it here, we will try to make certain it reaches if not the correct dev but the correct mailing list. We will try to get an answer from the devs in charge so they can give input on your idea.

How should I post it?
Start by doing a thread called "[Idea]" and then the title summing up the idea or what its for. In the post, be thorough in explaining it. Don't worry about exact terminology - you don't have to have four years of design school's different short hand terms for the things you talk about.
Or if its a suggestion for a design sollution to an issue posted by a dev - just post it in that thread. (Don't worry too much about this - we can always move comments around)

Add sketches if you have them, mockups if you have those and QML code if you got that. Try to be nice about it and write as if you where writing to someone who DIDN'T know all the terminology, what you write for a project today might benefit another person tomorrow. So try to be informative and open with your ideas and concepts.

Remember the holy rule of Wil Wheton: "Don't be a ****". Don't start out a new idea by being rude, mean or demeaning towards the designers or devs that have done work so far on the project. Don't be condescending to whomever reads. Don't hide behind a ton of fancy and complex terms - please use them, that's ok but try to follow them up with a short explanation of what they mean.

What happens then?
Well then people can comment and talk about your ideas, perhaps add and change and suggest new things. This is as should be - we are a community after all. We in the VDG will try to look at it too and offer support, constructive criticism and ideas. After a while the dev in charge of the project your helping will comment in a nice and supportive fashion. Either on his or her own or via one of us in the VDG. From there either the idea isn't possible to do now - or more work needs to be done to implement it or they ask you to finish it and hopefully the further work will be done here or via mail together.

If or when you get criticism (constructive, supportive criticism) be gracious about it. Reply. Be nice. Explain. You don't need to defend yourself but you need to reply and be able to handle good criticism. If someone is being crude, mean or rude - tell us and we will simply remove the post (check out "how to comment on work" thread on the ins and outs of good criticism).

What if nothing happens?
Well poke one of us, we're all human after all and can forget about things. We will try to make certain EVERY idea gets due consideration and informative comments on it.

Me and the devs finished the work! What now?
Well then you report back here. We will write it up here and in blogs and other channels to port out you're name, give you and the devs due credit and make certain everyone sees the awesome work you have done.

Remember that everything starts with YOU being gutsy (maybe a bit scared, that's ok) and post a suggestion!

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