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Vertical Configuration of The New KDE Taskbar Design

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rwalker wrote:Ken,

I can see why I would a sliding scaling option would be nice ... But I feel for the System Tray it's probably easier to at least offer a "number of icon rows" option. See what happens when a Wine game dumps you to a 800x600 desktop for the damage this does to your KDE4 Layout :'( At least the "number of icon rows" option would allow the System Tray to simply re-flow back to the old layout when you change back the resolution setting.

I like the idea of being able to rotate widgets! That solves some of the issues with the panel stuff Task Manager, Clock, etc. You just rotate it!


TBH, I don't think we should design the system around failure cases, especially when it's failure cases involving WINE; It falls into the realm of the user willingly destabilising their systems, and accepting that reality - methinks WINE falls well outside our area of concern precisely because it's so unreliable. You just can't rely on anything in a system when it's using WINE; I've had it disable audio, shrink my resolution, crash my X sessions, block my inputs, and about a million other things. If we designed around applications like wine, I don't think anything would ever get done.

Anyway, I do completely agree that row settings in the tray should be a thing, it makes sense and I'm pushing that with you.

The reason I'm suggesting a generic scale slider for widgets is because other widgets could really benefit from being scalable. For example, the clock could also be resized to help fit the panels' scaling (if you didn't want rotated text on the screen). You could also tone down the size of the system pager (which gets quite wide on multi-monitor setups), etc. Any widget with a wide ratio could be reeled in if circumstances pressed it.

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