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[Ask-A-Dev] David Edmundson (Plasma Developer)

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david_edmundson wrote:I don't really know a lot about SIP. We have some SIP users; none of the active devs use it as far as I know.

Hmm, well, so far from what I've managed to find, SIP should be a good alternative to Skype (which I'm quite fed up with). SIP is open, built around voice and video chat (including multicast), has TLS support, and there is no shortage of SIP servers around the net. It's used on phones as well (Linphone has builds for Android, iOS and Blackberry; in fact, SIP is integrated into core Android: ... y/sip.html ).

With MSN servers possibly going down at some point, it's a pretty good time to look out for and suggest alternatives to people who are still using it.

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