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sddm login theme in 5.7: "Search for Users"

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Dear all,

after reporting it to launchpad, bugzilla and the enterprise mailing list, it looks like the default theme for sddm is finally getting support for entering user names manually, which is needed on systems with user directories (e.g. LDAP / Active Directory) to be able to log in at all.


however, there are a couple of paper-cuts with that design. I mentioned them on IRC to the developers and was pointed at you guys, thus now reporting here:

The "Search for User" has various issues:

1) Naming. It does not at all search for users, as sddm lacks the needed integration into nss and the likes. It should be "other users"

2) Placement. Bottom left is a bit unusual, if it was a search (see point 1) it should be noted that most other applications (web browsers, file browsers, ...) have the search in the upper right. However, as it isn't a search but rather "other user", I suggest placing it to the left or right (right preferred) of the regular users, sized the same. (See the login screens of Windows since XP as reference, or the OS X one). As far as I recall the demonstration at Randa, clicking in the lower left will place a username field in the center. Which seems a bit odd.

The suggestion of 2) gave the feedback that some users, I quote, "dont want a useless "other user" thing floating in my list just because". This is correct, I suggest only displaying it when either of the following is true: The list of users is bigger than n, where n is a decent number so the list still is usable on small resolutions OR a directory is used (should be checkable via nss, hoping that sddm supports that, else I'd consider sddm broken)

Short: My suggestion is to rename "Search for User" to "Other user" or "Different user", style, place and size it the same as regular users and put it as pseudo user next to the list. Optional: to avoid crowding up the login screen, only show it when needed.

PS: if you made the password field show up after (mandatory) selecting the user, you'd be a bit future proof if you wanted to integrate systems like fingerprint readers or key(card)s, which are also rather crucial in the enterprise world. Because these tend to know what user to check for, and then don't need a password.

Thanks in advance, kind regards,

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Thank you for the feedback!
We're currently doing another iteration of the design and we're taking your input into consideration.

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