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KWin Effect Demo

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KWin Effect Demo

Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:16 am

on Friday I did an experiment for demoing KWin effects. You can see the result at

The idea behind it is to have an alternative to the videos we currently provide. I wanted to have real demos there for a long time, but just didn't have the tech in place.

My question to the VDG is: is it worth to invest more time into this to turn it into a real framework to show Effect demos? Do you think this makes sense and should replace the videos?

For those interested a little bit of the technical background. The demo window is a customized kwin_wayland, that is a nested Wayland compositor. It is optimized for being fast and only supports "fake" windows. The desktop one sees in the video is not Plasma, but just a fake window with the wallpaper image hard coded. Similar once added any shown windows will be just background color. So all is optimized for being as fast as possible to give the user a quick result.

The demo consists of a list of steps like press this key, release this key, press the mouse, move the mouse, etc. etc. This means we can fully automate the interaction and also provide useful hints to the user like an overlay of which key was pressed. These steps will be parsed from a "config file" which a non-developer can provide. I'll extend that as needed if the VDG wants to go that way.

So opinions?

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