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Visual highlighting of clickable elements in panel

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Lately I have had a strange feeling when interacting with my plasma panels at certain operations.
I critically asked my self what the reason for this could be and I think I've found myself an answer:

When clicking panel objects like the menu button or the digital clock it feels like clicking on an image ... it feels dead, not really interactive.
There is no visual hint that gives the user the feeling the menu button is an actual button, it simply feels like an image sitting there in the panel.
This is different for most other modern desktop environments, and IIRC even Windows 2000 showed a "clicked" button when the menu button was pressed.

I think it would be nice if stuff like menu button and digital clock would feel more "active", similar to systray entries or taskbar entries.
Right now it just feels like an constant image sitting in the panel.

Most modern desktop even go further ... not only clicking feels interactive ... also hovering over something with the mouse already triggers some subtle animation / slight highlight that hints the user "If you click me, I can do something!".

Are there some guidelines/plans already concerning this issue?
For me the feeling of the desktop is really important and right now everything else in my panel besides the task manager feels kind of "stuck".

Do you agree?

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