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[Design help wanted] Icons needed for showing backup status

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I am the developer of Kup Backup System, a popular option for plasma users. Check out for information and screenshots.
I have been working on creating a plasma applet for showing backup status, replacing a simple system tray icon with popup menu. That work will soon be released in a new version. I started thinking that it could be also nice to improve some icons for my new shiny version... that's why I'm asking for help here.
  1. Currently the icons security-high, security-medium and security-low are used to indicate backup status (how long time since a backup was last saved). This is not ideal. Instead of misusing those icons it would be nice to have proper "backup-status-high" etc.
  2. The current logo which is used as the system tray icon and also as the icon in system-settings is one that I made myself, supposed to look like a safe. It was made to match icons used on plasma 4 and looks a bit out of place now on plasma 5. Could be nice to have a simpler, monochrome version.
  3. I would appreciate a review of my icon usage (basically, are there any confusing/bad icons used now and maybe suggestion then for a better one). If anybody is willing to help I can simply email a bunch of screenshots of the latest version so you don't have to get that new version installed on your system.

You can reach me in a number of ways: reply here, open github issue, comment on the page, or email

Thankful for any help! (and of course I'm also thankful for great work already done by you guys hanging out here)

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