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I think before we direct too many people to the donation and shop pages, we might want to revamp them and make them look nicer. Here are a couple of thoughts.

Shop page ideas

1. Really emphasize the "proceeds go to support the development of Krita" aspect
2. Images by the products and paypal links (tote bag, kiki mug, muses) (Boud: I fixed the paypal links already)
3. Move the comics with Krita sections to appropriate tutorial areas (I don't see how you can buy this from here)
4. Zazzle site
a. we need to sell more "Krita" branded stuff. (more kiki and logo!) People are supporting the application with their money, not individual artists
b. More one color simple apparel designs. Think one color white logo on black t-shirt. (I can come up with a couple of designs to explain better)

Question: How are the mugs and tote bags being done differently than Zazzle? It would be nice to not even use Zazzle and have everything right off the site.

Donations page idea
1. better organize the donation types and move them to the top.
2. Put more elements side by side to condense everything.
3. Maybe add a pretty picture somewhere.
4. I think there was mention of other types of donations beside just one time and monthly?
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The mugs and bags aren't done through zazzle, I've actually got stock here in the spare bedroom :-). I agree, it would be good to get rid of zazzle, the quality of their products is just not good enough. I can try to make snapshots of the bags and mugs this weekend. I agree about moving the comics dvd mention away.

As for donation, what I want is:

* one time donation for a user-selectable amount
* recurring donation for a user-definable amount (without the current gradations we have)
* recurring donation for companies that gives access to CentOS and Ubuntu LTS repositories. I would put this at a fixed amount of money, maybe something like 100 euros/month irregardless of number of seats. This also needs to have some text referring companies to in case one size doesn't fit all.

As for the reorg, I'm all for it :-)

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