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About number of layers in new documents

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I notice in the latest development builds that you have a little setting for number of layers when creating a new document, I preferred it in an older development build when this was a small number box next to the "Image Background Color" setting instead of what it is right now, an obscenely large number box which will almost always contain only a single digit number (like 1, 2 or 3), it would be nice if you'd change that back to the way it was before (or at least place it somewhere else where it doesn't have to be taking up so much unnecessary space)

Also I think that the default value is 2 (not 100% sure) but if it is, I'm a fan of that, it's this one really simple and good thing that sets Krita apart a bit since I don't think I've seen any other program do this.

But one thing I couldn't help but notice is that when I create the document, the selected layer will be Layer 1; the background layer, not Layer 2. It would be a lot more ideal if the selected layer upon document creation would be the newest or highest layer rather than the lowest/oldest one.

Also while I'm at it, the new background as first layer/canvas option should in my opinion be simplified into just a single checkbox option. A checkbox that says "Background as canvas color" (or something along those lines), would look just a tiny bit more elegant than it does now.

By the way, thanks for finally configuring Krita to remember the last selected setting for the background color :D it's been bothering me to have to set it every time for a while now even if I always forgot to complain about it for some reason.

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