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Brush Setting: Sharpness Lowest Setting = Crisp Edges Issue?

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I am using a brush tip with a super soft fall off, and was hoping to make the brush tip gradually get sharper using the pressure to control the sharpness intensity, but it doesn't seem possible even when I only having the tick box checked with the lowest possible settings it still drastically changes the soft tip to a hard tip.

I'm pretty sure it was intended, like all the other settings, for the ability to be able to control the intensity of the setting from 0-100? Please can someone look into it, thanks.
Also as I feel it's related, if possible could they look into make the softness compatible with custom brush tip images too and 1000+ times more noticeable/intensity.

Thanks for listening

I've been using Krita over the last 6 month, and recently even started to prefer using it over ClipStudio/MangaStudio and Photoshop, very impressive software you have.

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