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Plasma on the Surface Go? combining desktop & mobile UI?

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Hey folks,

I have recently acquired a Microsoft Surface Go. I replaced the preinstalled spyware on the device with Kubuntu 19.04 which so far is working fine when I use the surface as a laptop with the keyboard. But I would also like to use it as a tablet from time to time. As I understand there is a plasma mobile ui also. Can someone tell me the state of it and if it is possible to easily (automatically?) switch between desktop ui and mobile ui?


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Information about Plasma Mobile can be found via the separate website: There you can find news items, docs and installation details.

As I was reviewing the state there, it appears that it may have stagnated in 2017 (at least it doesn't look like they've posted any public updates since then), so I'm not sure how usable it is.

Also, if I understand what I saw briefly, Plasma Mobile is more of a top-to-bottom mobile OS; whereas the regular Plasma desktop should be fully usable on touch-based devices (including, among other things, an on-screen keyboard). So you should be able to just use Plasma as-is as your mobile UI.

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