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Request for screenshots of Plasma Mobile behavior

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I've created a Convergence Overview, which contains a section for smartphones: ... rtphone_UX

The idea is to figure out which components on one device type are equivalent to components on another device type. Then you can create automatic conversion between those components when changing from one device type to another, which enables convergent user experiences that's still fully optimized for each specific device type.

To clarify the components I've identified, I've added a screenshot which highlights these components in a Desktop UX example. I'd like to do the same for the Smartphone UX, but I have no Plasma Mobile phone. This means I don't really know how it behaves nor can I make screenshots where I can highlight this. The Smartphone UX section was mostly filled in with my best guess. I've looked around and couldn't really find any images that would suit my needs.

So I would like to ask if someone could create some screenshots on their Plasma Mobile phone where I could highlight these components and post them here. if you could also describe the behavior, I can update the overview page with the actual behavior instead of my best guess. Of course, you should feel free to edit the convergence overview page and add the highlighted screenshots yourself, if you prefer.

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