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How To Stop Your Machine From Swallowing The Fine Fabric

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How To Stop Your Machine From Swallowing The Fine Fabric

We all have been there and truly understand the struggle when you are sewing a fine fabric in such an amazing mood but suddenly the sewing machine has started to eat your fabric. Panic attacks? What to do? Don’t worry we have got so many solutions to bring back the settings of the sewing machine and to stop your machine from eating the fabric.

Today I am going to tell you about some of the tips which will help you in stopping this whole problem. Your Image best sewing machine for beginners is not going to eat the fabric anymore and now you can actually handle this problem.


How To Stop Your Machine From Swallowing The Fine Fabric

Let’s have a look at how we can stop the sewing machine from getting hungry all the time.

Raw Edge:

If you are thinking that sewing machine is eating the fabric from the middle then the best way to start the sewing is to sew the raw edges first. These raw edges are just not going to handle the fabric but it will also settle down the needle plate in the sewing machine. If you are even sewing a dart, then you can start sewing from the wrong side to keep it safe.

Stitch length:

Another problem due to which you are experiencing machine fabric eating is the stitch length. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you always have to analyze the weight and nature of the fabric and then decide the needle and thread for it. It’s important to set the sewing machine according to the fabric and if you are sewing a fine fabric then adjust the stitch length.

The wrong stitch length setting can cause you a big problem and suddenly in the middle of the stitching, your machine will start eating the fabric. This thing can also damage the appearance of the fabric and this is the reason why you should always check the settings of the sewing machine at the time of starting the project.

Straight Stitch Needle Plate:

Many sewing machines have a stitch needle plate which is suitable for all kinds of stitches no matter if it’s straight sewing or decorative. These plates have a wide opening and this thing can eat your whole fabric in a few minutes. I recommend using the small opening stitch needle plate to save the fabric from getting damaged.

Always remember that at the time of switching the stitch plate with another one then keep in mind that you have to use the straight plate for the straight stitching and different one for the decorative stitching. These plates are different from each other based on the openings. Save your fabric from getting damaged and keep the openings of the plate limited.

Clean the Plate:

In the beginning, it may happen that you have no idea about the maintenance and cleaning of the machine. You may just clean the lint and that’s it. If the machine is eating the fabric often and now you can’t sew anything without damaging it then this is the time to remove the plate and clean it. Look into the manual of your machine to learn the process of removing the plate for cleaning.


Clean the Sewing machine plate

You can have complete guidance about the buying of the sewing machine by readingImage  How To Buy The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Making Clothes Tips And Reviews, here you will get the relevant information. After cleaning the plate, this problem will be solved at some point and if there is a minor complication then it will be solved.


In some of the sewing machines, you can see how complicated it is to repeat the whole process of re-threading. In this case, first I recommend reading the manual of the machine so you can understand the whole mechanism and can operate the machine according to the functions. You can also watch a few tutorials of the sewing machine model you have.

It’s always not necessary that if the machine is eating the fine fabric then there is something serious with the machine and you have to repair it. This problem may also cause due to the threading issue and you should also check the bobbin as well. Remove the thread and bobbin from the sewing machine and re-thread again. Hopefully, it can solve the whole problem.

Chain Stitching:

Chain stitching is the common solution people usually adapt to avoid the fabric eating problem. It’s useful when you want to stop pushing the fine fabric under the plate. Chain stitching is the process where you continue to sew one piece to another without raising the footer. Still, before you start sewing. I recommend to try it once on the rough patch to check the settings and to check the performance.

Cover the Opening:

Here is the solution what I tried and I successfully solved the problem of fabric eating. Definitely, in so many cases, you don’t want to invest in the new stitch plate but without replacing it you can also get rid of the problem. Due to the wide opening of the stitch plate, the machine can eat most of the fabric and the fiber will be damaged which can make your whole project a big mess.

Cover the wide opening of the plate with tape. You can use several layers of tape to close the opening which is making the sewing machine to eat the fabric. Once you will close it the problem will be solved and you will be able to work in peace.


You can sew anything on the inexpensive sewing machine and I don’t usually prefer to go for the expensive machines because then you have to spend the big part of your savings. To buy the sewing machine readImage Tips To Choose The Best Inexpensive Sewing Machine For Beginners You Should Know and pick the simple and modern machine for yourself.

These tips will help you in solving the problems related to the fabric eating and you will be able to handle the sewing machine.

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