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Krita Pen Pressure via Virtual Tablet NOT working

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This forum is for Krita devs bug reporting and suggestions! hopefully?
In regards to using Krita with the Sunny Side Virtual Tablet Server & Mobile App combination for mobile phone pressure sensitive stylus/pen to Windows desktop (as Virtual Tablet implies) via a server from the desktop where Krita runs.
Right so this is tested/confirmed failure on Windows 10 (via Android all latestest), but I'm sure it's also not working on the Mac version they offer.

Basically pressure/force is not working like it does with Photoshop and this configuration.
The pressure doesn't work but the drawing does.
It would be nice if someone could run the test and see what's going on there.
My hope is that when Windows RDP get's stylus pressure aware it will be usable to draw on the surface and see what's happening as the screen cast will work.
O'm also thinking how Sunny Side could possibly screen cast too. Alas Krita seems to be failing to check for the force value or something because it works only on Photoshop (Version 15+ is when Adobe added the ability.)

I think this is a big issue but again it's also a Windows RDP issue that would make it unimportant. I did notice comparing both Krita and Photoshop via the Windows mobile RDP app that Krita worked better in that situation (while photoshop didn't really) but still no pressure but there I think its Microsoft falling short.
Still again I mention it, because it helps reveal a little more how different they are working. Some kind of ability to switch between these styles/modes (which includes issues of multi-touch mode, which is getting 'force' added soon) for all these different ways to connect becomes more apparent, so maybe then a bug fix to switch to a way that's is wrong coming from the other direction, is the wrong approach.
Let's leave those extra curricular thoughts with the main point or observation enforced.
Photoshop works well, while Krita lacks the pressure/force via VirtualTablet, [which is enough to not use it over the other.]

Any suggestions as to where else I should report this error/request please advise, thank you for you patients and understanding.
Krita is a much better design for usage with a stylus, (zooming as a simple example) it's a shame I have to resort to Photoshop and diverge from supporting Open Source. Please help resolve this issue intelligently (all things [VirtualTable {works now} or RDP {not yet}] considered).

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