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Suggestions and ideas to make KDE better interface.

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Hello everyone.

I have several notes and suggestions to make KDE better:

1. KDE needs more than System Settings: I think it will be better if kde become has control center, something more than current system settings, something as a control center such as Mandriva control center , ubuntu control center (UCC), Yast or better such as Microsoft Windows control panel;

what I mean is a place that the user can access, find and control every or most of things in the system such as install/uninstall packages and updates, disk management, firewall and security settings, devices management, recovery, backup and restore points management, System information and else .., all those programs should be in one place and in additional to current system and interface settings.

And all those programs you do not have to write them from the scratch, only you have to but them all together in one control center and provide the default versions of them for KDE, you can build those programs on other or just provide Qt interface for some existing management tools or make your own fork of them.

2. Some kde programs should be in one program for example KGet and KTorrent the two program in one field and they are not conflicat with each other and I think users would not mind if they are togather or maybe users will like that.

3. KDE should not create and has its own software in every field, for example you can build your own download manager KGet on uGet, XDM instead of create new one or you can provide your own fork with Qt from Gparted rather than continue in developing kde partition manager if Gparted functionality are better and so on with other applications such media player and others .

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