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KConfigDialog problems

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KConfigDialog problems

Sun Feb 01, 2009 8:01 am
I inherited KConfigDialog to make it more neater. Well I ran into a problem. I needed a way to create my own rc file called akiserversrc. Well the KConfigDialog runs all good and gravy when I have my kcfg_* stuff setup. Well see the problem I am having it that, the way I need KConfigXT to do on the servers page. I have googled to no end and still failing to come up with a working solution. Well right now. I have a painful solution. And that was to create my own settings class. Which in turned just wrapped around a KConfig and made to look just like a normal KConfigXT. Well it works and what not. But the only problem I'm running into is the apply button to be enabled. In the other pages, when the user added a settings then changed it back manually, the apply button would go back and to disable. Well I got a temp solution but its really nasty and it doesn't go back to disable if I manually change back the defaults. And I'm hoping that someone can shed some good light that KConfigDialog can handle it the way I need. So here is what I'm wish it could do.

I have a KListWidget where the users can add a network name. Which when you select an item in there it would cause serverTab to be enabled. And there are like 4 times right now plus 1 I'm about to add. And those contains settings for each one of those Network items. And there is another KListWidget that holds the servers. It's kinda like a link list. And also I wanted each of those items in a group of its own so it would be easier to manage.

If you want here is the code. It's nasty ;)


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