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KDE Neon - Awesome First Impressions / Solutions / Benchmark

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KDE vs Gnome

KDE Neon,

• Preface
‣ First understand that I think Ubuntu-Gnome is awesome and have been using it without issue for about a year. It has been the best of many Linux Distros that I have used over the past 8-9 years. and think that it is a clean, slick and fantastic DE, combining Form, Flexibility and Function A recent problem and a new Laptop led me to want to try a new DE.
‣ So here I am writing from Ubuntu's KDE Neon beside Ubuntu-Gnome which allows for a good opportunity for comparison from both an experienced Linux User and from a relatively Newbies Perspective with KDE. This is written with the hopes of helping others with the decision to switch, helping both KDE and Gnome developers with future considered development decisions. Not to mention for FUN.
‣ And to get one intrigued let me start with a surprising benchmark - All things being equal 90% BETTER Nvidia GPU Efficiency and Functionality. Almost TWICE the FPS using glxgears! Read on .....

• Install
‣ Looks Awesome
‣ file:///tmp/Spectacle.J18271.png
• Bad
∘ "No Workspaces to Dock" the most popular and functional Gnome Extension.
• Good
∘ A Great Solution. A "Cairo-Dock" Addon "Switcher" provides an Awesome alternative. Just detach and stretch it tall.

‣ Good
∘ a little slicker
∘ Setting a Windows Partition does NOT take an unintuitive 2 step process
‣ Bad
∘ BTRFS not recognized during install or after
• Session Manager
∘ Awesome - WORKS and puts most items back at startup and Most where they were,
• Not so good - Not All Programs come back
∘ Solution - but for regular used programs in this category, I just added them to KDE's "Autostart"
‣ Issue - if in autostart and on at time of restart some programs Double:
∘ ex.s) Cairo-Dock, NVidia Settings.
∘ Solution don't have programs in autostart that do this, just keep them open at restart/shutdown.

• File Manager
‣ GREAT - Dolphin is without a doubt the best fully functional and easy to use and multitask with, in my opinion.
‣ Gnomes default "Nautilus" has lost so much functionality, that I had to install Nemo which worked great as Dolphin (a favourite over my 8 years with Linux) was pathetic in Ubuntu-Gnome.

• Graphics Speed and Awesomeness - WOOHOO!
∘ Now I realize FPS are not everything but it is at least intriguing.
∘ Using glxgears for the tests. No heavy GPU Apps running.
∘ Gnome OR KDE With Nouveaux Drivers 60 FPS (basically the refresh rate)
∘ Ubuntu-Gnome using NVidia 370.28 .... 7-9,000 FPS
∘ KDE Neon ....
‣ with NVidia-361 (suggested) 12-13,000 FPS !
‣ with NVidia-370.28 ..... over 15,000 FPS !, over 15,000 FPS!!!! compared to 9,000!
∘ don't get me wrong but AMAZINGLY COOL, and leaves me at the least optimistic.....
∘ Now for a Game Benchmark
• Metro 2033 Redux,
‣ Ubuntu-Gnome, which was NOT playing at all with the steam controller:
∘ 720p, Medium Graphics, 20-40 FPS to stream functionally to the 55".
• NOW .......................................
‣ KDE Neon :
∘ 1080P, High Graphics Settings , 60 FPS,
• and the controller is now working! (was greyed out).
‣ KDE 3D Gaming Rocks so far.
∘ Update:
• So Boring News Arghhhh,
∘ Both Systems Benchmarked almost exactly the same with Shadows of Mordor with its awesome Benchmark function.

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