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why shutdown script not being executed ?

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Hello all,

I have a script that I've set to execute at shutdown/reboot.
I’ve mentioned that script in : kde menu---autostart---script file. Set run on = logout.

That script has :
--move /tmp/downloads/* /media/xyz/downloads >/media/xyz/downloads/shutdown.log 2>&1
(tmp being in ram, xyz being physical drive. Both automounted at boot in fstab)

--”if” instruction testing somethings

and last line is: touch /media/xyz/downloads/logout_script_executed.log

Weirdly sometimes it seems that the script is executed, other times it doesn’t.
Known by the fact that ram files are not present in physical drive and/or that the “touched” file is not created.

The shutdown/reboot is mainly executed by a custom key shortcuts that have “systemctl poweroff” or “systemctl reboot”

any facts why this is inconsistent? If not fact, any clues?


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