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Kaffeine problem

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Kaffeine problem

Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:35 pm
I am in the process to install KDE Neon. Up to now I was running Kubuntu 14.04
One of the key reasons I choose a KDE OS was actually Kaffeine, as this was the app to have for receiving Satellite TV. We did have in the early years some problems but most of them have now vanished.

Unfortunately Kubuntu 14.04 will loose the official support later this year, so it is needed to concentrate on a new working horse. And, as I said, one of the top demands is a working Satellite receiving. Preferably with Kaffeine, but if there is a valuable alternative, I would try it.

Now, I installed Kaffeine and put the firmware in its correct space at
Code: Select all

When I start Kaffeine, I do not have the 5th choice
Satellite TV

KDE-Neon: missing choice 5 [img]kdeneon-re-kaffeine_satellite-missing.png[/img]

Kubuntu 14.04 and 18.04: correct [img]kde-14.04-re-kaffeine_ok.png[/img]

Is there a reason for this?

Best greetings from Scotland's nicest holiday island.
Kubuntu 14.04-5 & KDE neon, 64 bits, Nvidia 4800GS, 4MB Ram, 4 core, HP Monitor 2550 x 1600 pixels.

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