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standard repos in kde neon / discover

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after reading about "software-properties-kde" in the forum & trying it out (but without saving anything in this tool), the default repo - configuration in discover doesn't seem to be right anymore. currently i have (beside flatpak - repos and one 3rd party browser repo) :

bionic main neon
bionic main neon sources
bionic main restricted
bionic universal
bionic multiverse

end? at least on my screen after this mess :( .

as i remember, there was something about "bionic securtity" (main restricted .. and/or universe/multiverse) too? of course.

plz could someone tell me the actual & non-edited standard repos for neon 5.15.5 / user edition? i'm definitely learning : don't follow every tip.

ps: a look at "/etc/apt/sources.list" doesn't do much. a reddit - neon user has completely different repos here. so this is not a reference for the neon standard repos. an official documentation would be great.

edit: ok. new install. lot of work again. standard repos on neon after fresh install (without adding anything) :

in case anyone comes up with another "tips & tools" again. solved. great to see the "add flathub" - button out-of-the-box!

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