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Documents and Desktop folder missing after update

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This is my first time using KDE Neon, also my first time experience this while using linux for almost 5 years.

So today, August 7th 2019 at about 10 am, I was working when KDE notified me for an update.
As per usual, I ran update & full-upgrade, but this time I noticed it took a little longer to finish.
Then suddenly I can't no longer run LibreOffice shortcut from my Desktop.
Got a message about "can't access Desktop shortcut" error, or something like that.
Tried to open Firefox & Thunderbird shortcut, got the same error.
When my teammate asked for a document, I went to Dolphin & click on Home.
There was no Documents folder.
Tried the folder tree, got message "The file or folder /home/syslogged/Documents does not exist".
Tried the same for Desktop, same message. But I used them just now.
I reboot the PC, and now my Desktop shortcuts were missing, replaced by the Home folders.

The weird thing is only my Documents and Desktop folder were deleted.
Downloads, Pictures and the rest are fine.
So I opened bash history, tried to look if I somewhat accidentally remove those folders.
But nothing. No "Documents" or "Desktop" inside it.

Is it possible for update to alter or even delete my folders?
Anyone else experience this?

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